How to buy $pCARE

Private Sale in Progress

Started February 25, 2022 08 AM (UTC+7)

Sold: 84.699,1574 | Available: 99.915.300,8426

Update 11 March 2022

we receive

Welcoming PRIVATE SALE and PRE-SALE stage!

Starting on Friday, February 25, 2022 at 08.00 AM (UTC+7), you can purchase $pCARE and get rate by contacting our sales representative. $pCARE is the pre-token for our PRIVATE and PRESALE.

The end goal remains: nothing has changed, $pCARE will be swapped to $CARE Token before our launch, in a 1:1 ratio.


01 Setup Crypto Wallet

You need a wallet to later receive our token. Get one from MetamaskLiquality or  TrustWallet.

Add BINANCE SMART CHAIN to your wallet’s network-list.

Step by step tutorial available here

02 Contact Sales

Talk to our sales team on Telegram @CS_pCare  to get $pCARE rate, and start the purchasing process.

Business hour:
Monday – Sunday : 4 PM – 8 PM (UTC+7)

03 Purchase Process

Once things are confirmed, make the payment by sending USDT or BUSD to this address:


Be sure to use the BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain/BSC) network.

Provide our sales team with your wallet address (from point 01).

Our team then will confirm your payment and send $pCARE token to your address, you will receive our transfer receipt.

04 Collect Your $pCARE

Now for the final step, you will just need to add $pCARE token to your crypto wallet.

Tutorial on how to add a custom token to your wallet is here.

Use this $pCARE contract address to add the token:


HOLD your $pCARE!
You can swap to $pCARE at our upcoming launch!

Every investment decision must be your own and is your personal responsibility. Do your own research prior to each.

Any $pCARE from previous Private Sale stage in your wallet is yours to decide what to do with. Please keep in mind that those $pCARE tokens are no longer our responsibility, so anything that you do with them is out of our hands.


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